Standard Unwinds During 2018 R&R

SME Unwinds in Vegas

Another R&R Trip for the SME team! Once a year we invite our top representatives to enjoy a vibrant weekend together to unwind. This year we chose to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of this team trip is to build connections with each other as well as with fellow associates across the nation. President, Devin shared, “One of my favorite things about R&R weekend is to reconnect with other Executives and Leaders to build new friendships and alliances, and of course have a blast while we are doing it.”

Devin selected Campaign Managers: Charly, Nick and Thomas to join him. Each displayed dedication, leadership, and initiative.

“I love investing into my associates, especially those who are eager to contribute and invest into others.” Devin stated, “Thomas and Nick for example, have been key players in our multiple client launches in September. They show they are reliable and go above and beyond to nurture our partnerships.” Devin continued, “Charly continues to amaze me with her tenacious personality.”

Team SME walked away from this years R&R with the President’s Club Award, being a consistent high performance office.

Advantages of Unwinding

Standard Marketing Events Team believes It’s extremely important to take time to invest into your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional being. Being able to take time away from the grind to enjoy your team and accomplishments is crucial to success.

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