Standard’s Management Training Program

Standard Marketing Event’s Management Training Program

Standard Marketing Event’s Management Training Program was created as a direct result of rapid client demand in the Event Marketing Industry. Our training program is designed to develop managerial skills within our associates.  Tasks include on-site marketing promotions, over-see events from start to finish, hire, train and manage a team of 5-10, manage 3-6 clients and actively contribute to the office operations.

Providing supportive, intensive training allows us to successfully flourish with the right people and meet the needs of our clients.

What Attracted You to SME’s Management Training Program?

We asked Campaign Managers, Genesis M. and Caroline A., who both agreed that the opportunity to grow in a fast-paced environment really stood out to them during the interview process.

What Do You Enjoy About the Training So Far?


“The team culture continues to amaze me. I’ve never been around so many like-minded people who are driven to grow and are also excited to motivate and help others grow. The more people I connect with in the business the more opportunity I know is in front of me. I’ve been able to magnify my [areas of improvements] while being provided with support and resources to become confident and overcome them. I’m in the process of becoming the best version of myself while working towards a fruitful and successful career and lifestyle.”


“How much I’ve been able to step outside of my comfort zone and the growth I’ve seen within myself in such a short amount of time.”

What Do You Want to Gain from Management?


“There are many things that being in management will do for my life. 1) It will put me in a whole different financial bracket. 2) Allow me more flexibility with my family and my pup. 3) Open doors to do public speaking and encourage other professionals to grow and better themselves. One of my big goals is to eventually host a Ted Talk.”


“What I want to gain from management is more confidence in managing people of all different personalities.”


Find out if our management training program is for you. To apply send your resume to and schedule a one on one interview with our hiring team to learn more.

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