Learn Sales and Reap the Benefits Right Now

Why should you learn sales right now?

Why would anyone want to learn sales? Isn’t that for sleazy car sales(wo)men? or pushy mall associates?

Not according to today’s billionaires. Howard Shultz (CEO, Starbucks) started his career making cold calls for Xerox before buying out Starbucks, one of the world’s biggest coffee empires to date. Whitney Wolfe (Founder and CEO of Bumble) started her first business at the age of 19 selling bamboo totes. We can’t forget, Sarah Blakely, went door to door selling faxes while building Spanx.  So you get it, these CEO’s started in sales. Why Learn Sales? Sales teaches resilience, persistence and how to build relationships. Plus, based on these heavy hitters (and we only named 3!) it can lead to a prosperous career and life.

Here is what our team had to say about “Sales”

President and CEO, Devin Pollard, shared, “The sales portion of my training taught me how to overcome rejection and be confident in my abilities to hit my goals no matter what challenges or obstacles arose.” Devin and Campaign Manager, Thomas,  both agreed the decision they made to learn sales essentially taught them to create something from nothing and ultimately allows them to be in control of their finances.  “I use to have a negative stigma about sales, but thankfully we don’t ever engage in pushy or aggressive sales, it’s against our company compliance. So, after understanding the mechanics, I realized it is more about the relationship and providing a problem-solving service for the customer,” Thomas added.


Although Standard Marketing Events primarily provides advertising and marketing services, we know that sales and marketing will forever be intertwined. Our mission is to develop world-class leaders that are strong and courageous, we believe anyone who is willing to learn sales is sure to develop world-class character.  


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