The Interview Questions We Use Every Time

As we look for the right additions to Team Standard Marketing Events, there are a few key elements we keep in mind. Devin, our firm’s President, explained, “We emphasize great attitudes when we evaluate candidates. It’s essential that we find people who are both hungry for success and willing to put in the work to achieve it.”

There are several types of questions that help us identify the ideal hires during interviews. Devin remarked, “Adaptability is an attribute we like to see, so we often ask about times when candidates had numerous demands competing for their attention. We want to find people who are well equipped to toggle between key tasks.”

We’re also committed to ongoing improvement around the Standard Marketing Events office, so we ask candidates about times when they took the initiative to make significant progress in their careers. We encourage our team members to take well-informed risks, so we like to know that potential hires are willing to do the same.

Of course, we also try to identify strong team players when we interview prospective additions to our firm. Our hiring managers ask candidates about times when they’ve put aside their priorities in the larger interest of overall company goals.

These kinds of questions help us make the most of our hiring efforts. Like Standard Marketing Events on Facebook for more of our best interviewing tips.

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