The Benefits of Our Internship Program

Standard Marketing Events is the ideal place for new graduates to find their feet in our competitive industry. Devin, our firm’s President, stated, “One of our company goals is to help students find jobs they’re truly passionate about, so our internship program is a real source of pride. We can provide students and recent grads with experience that looks great on a résumé.”

Our internship program also helps participants learn what it’s like to work in a professional office environment. We have plenty of seasoned team members who can show interns the ropes. Students and grads who come to us get to see how different departments work together to deliver outstanding results. Our interns get a feel for how their career choices impact the overall operations of a company.

The driven individuals we bring on board as interns are also potential additions to Team Standard Marketing Events. Devin added, “College students and recent graduates make themselves more attractive candidates through our program. They refine their communication skills and learn how to take the lead on big projects. The fact that we can watch our interns’ development up close means we can make informed hiring decisions if we want them to stay on as full-time associates.”

When we bring talented people into our office as interns, everyone involved wins. Follow Standard Marketing Events on Twitter for more on how we prepare people for lasting success.

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